Mölkky Rules

This game is an exciting tossing game using a wooden pin or (Mölkky) to knock over other wooden pins that can be played indoors or outdoors.

Each Mölkky toss is an opportunity to score points. The player/team to score exactly 50 points first wins.

Players: 2 -8
Equipment: 1 Mölkky, 1 Tossing Frame and 12 wooden pins numbered 1 -12.

Setup: Find a flat surface and arrange pins an upright, tight group as shown below.

Place the tossing frame 10 – 12 ft. from the front pins as shown below.


• Determine tossing order.

• Stand anywhere within the tossing frame.

• Players’ alternate turns tossing the Mölkky.

• Once pins are knocked down, calculate the points and then set the pins back up exactly where they landed for the next player.


Points are only awarded for knocking down pins.

Points per toss:

•If only one pin is knocked down, then the player gets the number of points on that pin.>

•If more than one pin is knocked down, then the player just counts the total pins knocked down (e.g. 3 pins down = 3 points). The maximum number of points that can be scored on any one toss is 12.

•The first player/team to reach exactly 50 points wins.


If a player scores more than 50 points, this is called a "Bust" and they go back to 25 points. If a player misses all the pins three times in a row, they are out of the game.

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