Tailgate Toss Rules


1. The game may be played with two or four people (Two 2 person teams).

2. Each person or team chooses a color of beanbag to use.

3. The boards are set approximately 25 feet apart facing each other, (reduce this distance based on skill level).

4. Each player or team alternates throws until all (8) beanbags have been played.

5. Scoring: Each beanbag that stays on the board is worth 1 point, each bag that went through the hole is worth 3 points. When a beanbag lands half on and half off the front of the board (this happens quite frequently), carefully raise the board from the front. Any beanbags that stay on the board count as points, while any that fall off do not count. A player may bounce the beanbag onto the board; it is not necessary for the beanbag to land on the board without touching the ground.

6. How to total each player, or team scores. EXAMPLE: Team A scores 7 points (2 beanbags in the hole and 1 beanbag on the board), while Team B scores 3 points (3 beanbags on the board). Simply subtract the score for Team B, from the score of Team A, and that is the score for Team A for that turn. (Team A would receive 4 points on this example).